Technical Support

From projectors to interactive whiteboards to tablets and everything in between. QuaverMusic resources are designed to work on the technology you use. If you run into issues with that technology, we’re here to help! Explore the links below to start the troubleshooting process.


Run a speed test on your internet connection

Run an automated Tech Check Up on your teaching computer

Speed test

Flash enabled


YouTube enabled

Run a speed test on your internet connection

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the System Requirements for
PC Mac
Operating System Windows 7+ OSX 10.6+
Internet Explorer 11+ Safari 6+
Browser Firefox 13+ Firefox 13+
Chrome Chrome
Screen Resolution 1024×768 1024×768
Flash Player Version 11.4 or later* Version 11.4 or later*
Javascript Enabled Enabled
Cookies Allowed Allowed
Popup Windows Allowed Allowed
RTMP Port Port 1935 unrestricted Port 1935 unrestricted
Random Access Memory 2 Gigabytes 2 Gigabytes
What devices are compatible with

QuaverMusic resources are designed to be compatible with all devices which meet our System Requirements above. A cloud-based resource, content is delivered via the internet at

Teachers can connect to via any laptop or mobile device and can project lesson content onto any interactive whiteboard or projection screen.

Students can also connect to via any tablet, Chromebook, or other device, and if the teacher has implemented student devices, they can access those from a home computer as well.

How do I troubleshoot common video/audio issues?

Go to Tech Checkup and conduct the audio test. Make sure you plug in your speakers or increase the volume on your computer. Some IT departments block the downloading of mp3 files, so check to make sure they didn’t do this. If they have, ask them to unblock the mp3’s for


Some IT departments block all videos. Make sure your IT Department has not done this. If they have, ask them to unblock videos for

The Quaver video player has been designed to adjust to your internet speed by streaming videos at different resolutions. You can check the Options, located in the lower right-hand corner, on the video player and actually see your internet speed and the quality of the video being streamed.

If everything else seems to be working except your videos, your computer video processor may be overloaded. You need to shut down all the unneeded programs you have running in the background to achieve maximum processing speed. Here’s how to do it.

For Macs

Press the Command and Tab keys simultaneously to see icons of the programs running in the background. To obtain maximum computer speed, close all these programs except the browser you are using for Quaver. Hold down the Command key and Tab to the icon of the program to be deleted. Then still holding the Command key down, press the Q key and release both.

Repeat the process for the other programs, holding down the Command key and pressing the Q key. Note, you cannot delete the Finder program.

For PCs

To close programs running in the background on PCs, press the Alt and Tab keys simultaneously and hold them down. A window will pop up with all the icons of the programs. Move your mouse over the icons, right click, and select “close”. Don’t close the browser where Quaver is running! On some PCs, you can start your mouse in the upper left corner of the screen and run it down the left edge, to see the icons of all your programs running. Right clicking on any of these icons will allow you to close these programs.

What do I do if I lose internet access?

First things first, stay calm! This is a normal issue in most classrooms, and you are a music teacher experienced in improvisation!

If you’re a user of Quaver’s Curriculum resources, you should have received a Quaver Unplugged flash drive in year one of your license. This includes backup resources intended for just this situation. We recommending having the contents of Unplugged (mp3 tracks, PDFs of each lesson, worksheets, and more) saved on your computer for easy access without the internet. If you aren’t sure about your Unplugged kit, please contact our team via the form below.

ClassPlay users may wish to prepare for a possible outage by downloading PDFs of lyrics sheets, song sheets, and manipulatives from the Printables section of your students’ favorite songs. If you’re a user of Quaver’s Essentials program, then the DVD episodes and manipulatives provided will be a great backup plan until the internet returns.

What do I do if I click a button and nothing happens?

If clicking a button in the Curriculum should open a new window – for instance in ClassPlay or Bach’s Brain or a Lesson Plan – and nothing happens, then it’s likely that your browser is blocking pop-ups. You should see a message regarding the pop-up at the top or bottom of your screen. Choose to allow pop-ups at, or find specific instructions for your browser at QuaverMusic.clom/PopUp.

Need Additional Technical Support?

Send us a message or call our Customer Service Gurus at (866) 917-3633 (Mon-Fri, 7am-6pm CST).