Using the Teacher Recording Screen with QuaverSEL

Creating a Recording Screen

First things first: Let’s create a Teacher Recording Screen! The Teacher Recording Screen is incorporated into the assignment or lesson building process.

Once we’ve created a custom lesson or assignment in Resource Manager, double-click or select and click EDIT to open the Assignment or Lesson.

Now we’ll add to the assignment, by clicking MENU in the purple bar and selecting NEW SCREEN.

You’ll notice the Teacher Recording Screen on the Resource Creation menu. You’ll also find a link to the Resource Creation menu from your Teacher Dashboard.

If this is your first time visiting this screen, your browser may ask you right away if you’d like to allow microphone and camera access. Go ahead and click “Yes!” This will give you the option to record directly into the screen.

After adding a title, you can either record or upload a video. The option is controlled by the CHANGE MODE button in the toolbar on the left of the screen.

If you’ve already enabled your camera and microphone, you should see what your camera sees in the preview window. Click RECORD to begin.

Note: Currently, only Chrome and Firefox browsers support recording directly into the screen. 

When you’re satisfied with your recording or upload, simply click SAVE. You’ll see a completion message to confirm the new screen