Instructions for QuaverSEL Student Account Setup

Below, we’ve created a quick reference guide that teachers can provide to parents. This step-by-step guide will help students login to Quaver at home, at the library, or anywhere with Internet access!

Before You Send

You can print or send these instructions to students using the PDF or by copying and pasting the instructions below in an email to parents. Before you do, be sure they have the information they need to log in.

If students already have their own student accounts:

  • Add their username and password in the provided spaces.

If students do not already have their own student accounts:

  • Write in the ClassCode needed in the MY QUAVERCODE field. You’ll find this in the Classes section of Teacher Admin. This code is the key to creating student accounts at home. Unsure about how to get this ClassCode? Read more here.

Download the PDF

Download a printable version of this Quick Reference Guide to send home with students!



To support social and emotional learning in the classroom and at home, I hope your child will log on to! This step-by-step guide will help them log in on any device at home, at the library, or anywhere with Internet access.

Visit and click LOG IN. Then enter the QuaverName and Password below:


MY QUAVERNAME: __________________


MY PASSWORD:       __________________


If you’re new to QuaverSEL, click SIGN UP instead, and create a username and password your child can remember. Enter the code below in the MY QUAVERCODE field to link them to our music class!


MY QUAVERCODE: __________________


You’ll be taken directly to your child’s Student Dashboard.

Get to know your Student Dashboard

From this one-stop-shop, your child can access Assignments sent by their teacher and Student Interactives ready for self-guided exploration.


Select Assignments to open any custom assignments sent to your child by his or her teacher. Select an Assignment on the left and click Launch to open it in a new window.

Student Interactives

Select Student Interactives to open a menu of Songs, Stories, and Activities students can explore on their own!