Distributing QuaverMusic Assignments to Students

Teachers can create an assignment using ANY Quaver resource or lesson and distribute it to students to access in their accounts.

Assignments can be distributed to all students who currently have a Quaver student account.

If your students do not already have their own student account:

  • Consider these instructions for student account setup.
  • Need help setting up student accounts? Our Customer Service Team is standing by at (866)-917-3633 or Info@QuaverMusic.com.

If you have already created Student Accounts for your students, you are halfway there!

Learn how to create an assignment from a Quaver lesson.

Learn how to create an assignment from scratch. 

Ready to distribute your assignment to students?

When you’re ready to assign your assignment, navigate to your Teacher Administration tools located on the Teacher Dashboard. Select the ASSIGNMENT icon in the top row. You’ll notice that it’s divided into two sections. On the left you’ll see the Assignment Templates available to you. On the right, you will see a running list of the Assignments you’ve already given.

  1. Once you’re in the Assignments section, check the Class Selector box in the middle of the navigation bar to make sure the class you want to assign the assignment to is selected.
  2. You’ll find the assignment you just created under the CUSTOM tab. The QUAVER tab next to it includes the assignment templates that the Quaver team created for you.
  3. Select the assignment you want to distribute and click the green GIVE ASSIGNMENT button at the bottom of the list.
  4. Here on the Assignment Details window is where you take the assignment template, add dates and instructions for the students, and deliver it to their accounts. You can also select to “Show Assignment in GradeBook only” or “Reveal Graded Answers to Students.” If you choose GradeBook only, then the assignment won’t be sent to students and will appear in your GradeBook for your eyes only.

Below the assignment contents, you’ll see a few options for grading. If you’d like to use a rubric template to evaluate this assignment, click the SELECT RUBRIC space, choose a rubric, or create a new one (more on this in a future blog). You also have the option to Adjust the Grading Scale on this page.

5. Once your Assignment details are complete, click SAVE. You will now see that the assignment appears in the Class Assignments Given section.

You can change the details of the assignment at any time, but not the content. Remember the content of the assignment comes directly from the template. You can adjust this in Resource Manager before assigning. The assignment will automatically show up on the Assign Date when students log in. They can access the assignment by clicking ASSIGNMENTS from their Student Dashboard.

Don’t forget that HELP is here when you need it! Click the VIDEO TRAINING to get learn more about creating and distributing assignments.