Creating a QuaverSEL Assignment from Scratch

Teachers can create an assignment using ANY QuaverSEL resource or lesson and distribute it to students to access in their accounts.

Assignments can be distributed to all students who currently have a QuaverSEL student account.

If your students do not already have their own student account:

  • Consider these instructions for student account setup.
  • Need help setting up student accounts? Our Customer Service Team is standing by at (866)-917-3633 or

If you have already created Student Accounts for your students, you are halfway there!

Creating a Custom Assignment

  1. In Resource Manager, click MENU- NEW FOLDER on the right side of the screen.
  2. Name your folder something like “Changes Are Okay” or whatever you’d like the assignment to be called and click OK.
  3. Your folder will now appear on the right side of your Resource Manager.
  4. Search for a resource you want to assign in Resource Manager. You can search the Topic Index by CASEL competency, emotions, and more. You can also search by lesson by clicking RESOURCE SETS. 
  5. Drag the resource into your folder on the right side of the screen.
  6. Continue adding resources like you would when making a custom lesson. Your custom assignment will function just like a lesson but in a format that is easy for students to access and navigate!
  7. Select the folder and hit MENU and NEW ASSIGNMENT TEMPLATE.
  8. Name your assignment.
  9. Open the folder and you’ll see your named Assignment with a green “A” next to it.    
  10. Drag that resource into the assignment with the green A.
  11. Exit and head to Teacher Admin from your Teacher Dashboard.
  12. Click Assignments and choose the CUSTOM tab.
  13. Select what you named your assignment back in Resource Manager.
  14. Click GIVE ASSIGNMENT. You will be given a list of classes to choose from or you can choose to give it to all students. 

Custom Resource Options

Don’t forget that you have custom screen options on the Resource Creation Menu that you can add to any assignment. In an e-learning situation, we suggest adding a Teacher Recording Screen, so students can receive verbal instructions and messages directly from you when accessing their assignment.

Learn more about how to use the Teacher Recording Screen.