QuaverNotes F.A.Q.


QuaverMusic.com is home to the most original kid’s website ever – Quaver’s World– where students can create their own personalized avatar and music room, play musical games, and compose their own musical masterpieces.  Throughout Quaver’s World, students may encounter QuaverNotes, the site’s virtual currency.

QuaverNotes allow users to:

  • Purchase Premium Virtual Goods
  • Open Locked Venues
  • Play more QArcade Games
  • Create MP3s
  • Access Exclusive Content in Quaver Creatives

For students in a Quaver class at school:

Many students access Quaver’s World through their music teacher’s paid curriculum resources. These Full Access Student Accounts grant students free access to all the educational features of the site (including all venues, loops, games, and MP3 downloads).

QuaverNotes are still required to purchase avatar and music room goods, but teachers can distribute a QuaverNote code to students anytime. The Quaver Team always has a 100 QuaverNote code available. Email Maura@QuaverMusic.com to find out the current code!

To redeem the QuaverNote code:

  1. Go to QuaverMusic.com
  2. On the Log In window, click the “Click Here!” button next to “Have a special Quaver Code?”
  3. Then enter the QuaverNotes Code and click the “Enter” button.
  4. Boom-Chicka-Boom! Your account now has 100 QuaverNotes.

As of August 2018, much of QuaverMusic.com is now available without the use of Adobe Flash. The rest of Quaver’s World (everything on the Street and APPS tab of QuaverMusic.com) will be out of Flash by the Summer of 2019. Because QuaverNotes live in the Street and APPS tab of Quaver’s World, they are currently not necessary on the Non-Flash site.

For Quaver’s World Subscribers:

Teachers and students who are not using Quaver curriculum resources in their classroom may purchase subscription access to Quaver’s World for just $24.00 per year. This subscription comes with 30,000 QuaverNotes for use at QuaverMusic.com.