Quaver Account FAQ

On September 19, 2017, the following account changes will take place:

  • Free guest accounts will be expired as we transition to a subscription model for users NOT linked to a Quaver license.
  • Students enrolled in a class in your Quaver GradeBook will not be affected.
  • Students of non-curriculum teachers (ClassPlay and Essentials only) not enrolled in a class will be able to enter Quaver’s World of musical games, venues, and composition tools by entering an access code.
  • Users not connected to a Quaver license for Curriculum, ClassPlay, or Essentials resources who wish to continue to access Quaver’s World of musical games, venues, and composition tools can do so by purchasing an individual subscription for just $24 a year – available for purchase September 1.


Student Account F.A.Q.

Why are we making this change?

The Quaver’s World website at QuaverMusic.com has no advertising or any source of revenue.  Instead of providing free access to any user in the world, we are now providing a subscription-based service for $24 per year.  However, all teachers who have purchased a license for Essentials, ClassPlay or Curriculum will be able to grant their students FREE access to Quaver’s World.  This access is a premium value for licensing Quaver resources.

As our company and resources have grown, we’ve also fine-tuned our focus. Our mission remains to serve music teachers and their students and to help them develop a lifelong love of learning music. Student Accounts are the perfect vehicle for delivering assignments, assessments, and companion content that serves to enhance the teaching you’re doing in your classroom. These changes will allow us to support the work of students and teachers more directly, while still giving those outside a Quaver license an opportunity to explore Quaver’s World.

What will my students experience on September 19th?

Students with free guest accounts have until September 19th to enter a Class Code before they will be expired. At that time, they’ll have an option to add a code or will see information regarding a subscription purchase – available September 1.

What new types of student accounts will be available starting September 19th?

Limited Access Student Accounts

Teachers with access to only ClassPlay or Essentials products will still be able to generate student access to Quaver’s World for free! Moving forward, students of ClassPlay and Essentials teachers will be granted our Limited Access Student Accounts. Students will enter an access code, provided by their teacher, to gain access to Quaver’s World – the Quaver Shop, Creatives, and Venues. Limited Access Students will not have a Student Tab or access to assignment functionality or Student Interactives.

Note: To ease this transition, teachers with ClassPlay and Essentials products who are already entered students into classes using Teacher Admin will be permitted to continue using it. These teachers will be able to continue to create classes, and students enrolled in those classes will be Full Access Students. See details on Full Access Students below.

Full Access Student Accounts

Teachers with a license to Quaver Curriculum resources can enroll their students in a Quaver class, just as they’ve always done. Enrolling in a Quaver class will grant the user a Full Access Student Account. Students will enter a Class Code, provided by their teacher, to gain access to all student resources, including the Student Tab, assessments, assignments, Student Interactives, AND all of Quaver’s World.

See how to enroll students in Quaver classes here.

Teacher Resources F.A.Q.

Will there be any changes to my licensed teacher account?

There will also be changes to the licensed teacher and supervisor accounts.

  1. Teacher Admin – As we move forward, only teachers with Curriculum licenses will be granted access to Teacher Admin. Teachers who do not own Curriculum products will no longer receive Teacher Admin privileges. We understand that this is a significant change. To ease this transition, teachers with ClassPlay and Essentials products who are already using Teacher Admin will be permitted to continue using it.
  2. World Music – Teachers who only own Quaver Essentials will be able to continue accessing World Music Instruments, but not World Music Songs. ClassPlay and Curriculum teachers will retain access to all of World Music.

Subscription Option

Subscriber Accounts

In addition to the Teacher and Student accounts mentioned above, Subscriber Accounts are available to anyone with an interest in music creation and fun, regardless of a connection to a school using Quaver resources. For just $24.00 per year, these accounts have access to Quaver’s World, including a wide variety of musical games, composition tools, and tools for self-directed exploration and fun – available for purchase September 1.


More questions?

Feel free to reach out to us via the form available at QuaverMusic.com/Contact.