Make It YOUR Program!

Now that you’ve begun to prepare for your program, it’s time to develop your performance!

A few tips as you begin: 

  • You can use a script to welcome guests, introduce songs or provide background information all while allowing additional leadership opportunities. Students can also write their own song introductions.
  • Whenever possible and appropriate, add movement. Movement can help to communicate meaning and expression, develops muscle memory connections with lyrics, creates interesting visuals and can include sign language.
  • When students are performing on risers, remember safety comes first. Students should have their feet slightly apart for good stability and ensure their toes and heels are positioned properly on the risers. Knee bends and swaying to the beat can be done with planted feet. Use arm and hand movements that allow expression in their own spaces. Using the levels from chest to head will allow most hands to be seen. Hand motions at the waist and below will be visible mostly from students in the front rows and edges.
  • An example of maximizing the levels would be to have students on the top riser use the upper space with their arms and jazz hands, those in the middle can keep their hands to the sides of their faces while those in front can open up down low.

Below you’ll find unique ideas to help guide your program. These downloadable guides include movement ideas, suggested characters and costuming, and even a script!

Which program would you like to explore?