Selecting Repertoire

The first step to any program or performance is to select musical pieces that will work well with your group, allow them to apply their musical skills, and provide opportunities for them to grow as performers. There are many great songs in the Quaver Curriculum and ClassPlay that are stage ready for you and your students! 


You will want to select a variety of pieces that come together to create a high quality musical experience that is fun and connects with your school community. Some areas to consider when selecting music are some of the elements of music: melody, tempo and texture. Look at the melodic range of each song. Determine if students will be in their head voices, chest voices or a mixture for the piece. 


Next, songs should be performed at a tempo where the group will be successful in singing with accuracy and expression. Adjust the tempo as needed for learning, rehearsing and concert time. Taking it up a level, students can add layers to the texture of the song by adding rhythmic instruments, melodic instruments or harmonic accompaniments. They may also add vocal layers through the addition of descant lines, harmonic lines, or rounds.  

Additional Considerations

Some additional considerations may be made to develop leadership, incorporate movement and increase engagement.   Some pieces offer opportunities for soloists or groups of special singers to be highlighted and to develop your musical leaders.  Include a piece with expressive potential, where students can explore dynamics and movements which help them to connect with the meaning of the song.   Some pieces are great for engaging the audience, whether they are singing along, clapping along, dancing along, jingling their keys or swaying their phone lights gently to the beat.