Make a Note of Quaver’s New Comments Feature!

Managing your GradeBook just got a whole lot easier with new Comment functionality in Quaver Assignments.

In this post, we’ll dig into QuaverMusic’s new GradeBook Commenting capabilities. Teachers can now make notes in their GradeBook on any specific student assignment. Remind yourself about a behavior issue, to share a student’s work with the class, and anything else you want to remember about a particular assignment or student!

Let’s explore this powerful feature!

Adding Comments from GradeBook

The Comments feature lives in Teacher Admin in your GradeBook.

Once you’ve opened your GradeBook, select a student grade cell to pull up the Assignment Review window.

You’ll notice a blue COMMENTS icon above the Screen Preview Window.

Select this button to open the Comments Entry Panel.

Enter any comments you wish to leave for yourself on that particular assignment. Be sure to click SAVE when you are finished.

Adding Comments from a Rubric

You may also enter comment using the COMMENTS button at the bottom left corner of your Rubric Panel.

Remember that your Rubric can be accessed from the same Assignment Review window we looked at earlier. It will appear only when a Rubric has been applied to the Assignment. Click the green RUBRIC tab.

Launch the Rubric Panel by clicking the two white squares in the upper right corner of the Rubric tab.

You’ll notice a blue COMMENTS icon in the bottom left corner of your Rubric Panel. Here, you can also enter comments for yourself.

Viewing Your Comments

Once you return to your GradeBook, you’ll notice a blue triangle on the student grade cells where comments have been entered.

To view the comment, simply mouse over the blue triangle. While you can view the comments here, you cannot edit comments directly from your GradeBook. Click the cell to return to the Assignment Review Panel to make changes.