Digital Training Days

Kick start your semester with an engaging day with the Quaver Training Team!

Each August and January, the Quaver Training Team presents a new half-day training session via a live video event, which is then archived for future viewing. Each session features an update on new Quaver content and functionality, plus teaching examples from Quaver trainers and activity suggestions for viewers to complete on their own or in a group. Teachers are encouraged to gather together with others in their district to kick off the semester with a collaborative training experience! Explore the Digital Training Day archives below to revisit past trainings!

Select a Training Day from the menu on the left, or press play below to begin with our latest session. Once launched, use the video controls to pause, rewind, and play the video content, or to view in full screen.

January 2020
August 2019
January 2019
August 2018
January 2018
August 2017

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For the best experience, please access the Quaver Music’s Digital Training Days from a desktop-size browser window.

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Download Training Notes to use as a guide for each session