Sign in with Google

You can now use your Google account to sign in to!  Use the instructions below to link your Google account with your Quaver account. You can also download the Sign in with Google Instructions PDF.

2.Click the LOG IN button on the right.
3.On the login panel, click the Sign in with Google button on the bottom left.Log in screen, Sign in with Google button highlighted

4.If you're not already signed in to your Google account, a pop-up window will appear from Google. Enter your Google email address and click Next. Otherwise, you may skip to step 6.Google account email entry form

5.Enter your Google account password. Click Sign in.Google account password entry form

6.Google will notify you that would like to access your Google email address and basic profile information. Click Allow to link your Google and Quaver accounts, allowing you to sign in to with Google.Google account sharing permissions screen, Allow button highlighted
7.If this is your first time using Google to sign in to Quaver, you will arrive at a one-time account provisioning page. If you already have a account, make sure to click Yes and proceed to step 8. If you do not have an existing acccount, click No and skip to step 9.Quaver-Google account provisioning screen

8.Enter your existing account credentials and click Submit. This will link your existing Quaver account with your Google account. If your existing Quaver account has access to Quaver, you will skip to step 10.Quaver existing account credential entry form

9.Since you are creating a brand new Quaver account using Sign in with Google, you'll need to enter a QuaverCode to proceed! This can be a Teacher Access Code or a student Class Code.One More Step screen, asking user to enter a QuaverCode
10.You will now be logged in at your Quaver dashboard!

From this point forward, you can simply click the Sign in with Google button on the Quaver login panel to log in to!

Quaver Student Dashboard

Quaver Teacher Dashboard