ClassLink Oauth2 SSO

What is ClassLink?

ClassLink is a third-party platform that handles seamless SSO, roster data exchange, file management, and more for educational organizations. Quaver supports SSO (SAML, LTI, and Oauth2) and roster data exchange through ClassLink. We recommend that districts integrate with our ClassLink Oauth2 app, as it is the fastest to set up for both parties. If you cannot use Oauth2, please see our SAML instructions or LTI instructions for more information on those methods. Below we will walk you through the process to set up SSO to Quaver via ClassLink Oauth2.


How to set up with ClassLink SSO (via Oauth2) with Quaver

Step 1: District requests integration

1.Log into your ClassLink Dashboard with your Tenant Admin account and click the App Library plus sign icon.add from App Library button on ClassLink Dashboard
2.Enter Quaver Music in the app library search bar. Select the Quaver Music Oauth2 app that appears - click Add.
3.The Quaver Music Oauth2 app should now appear on your ClassLink app dashboard. Click the icon. Quaver Music Oauth2 ClassLink app icon
4.You'll see our ClassLink Configuration Request Form. Fill out the form and click Submit to send a request to Quaver. Quaver ClassLink Configuration Request Form
5.Quaver's integration team will be notified of your request to set up Oauth2 access in ClassLink. We will be in touch with next steps!Quaver ClassLink Configuration Request Form submission success page

Step 2: Quaver approves request

Quaver will be notified that you have requested to activate SSO via our ClassLink Oauth2 app. We will configure your SSO access on our end and reach out with next steps.

Step 3: Testing

Once we’ve approved your district for ClassLink Oauth2 access, you can test the app in ClassLink again. Click the Quaver Music Oauth2 app icon to test. You should now land at our account provisioning page.

NQuaver SSO account provisioning page where user clicks Yes or No to link an existing Quaver accountote: The first time a user logs into via ClassLink Oauth2, they will have to go through a one-time account provisioning step. This process allows users who have used Quaver in the past to link their existing Quaver accounts with their ClassLink SSO account. This is particularly important for teachers who have registered licenses or customized resources to an existing Quaver account.

Learn more about Quaver’s SSO account provisioning process.

Step 4: Release

When you are ready to launch the application (officially add it to your users’ ClassLink dashboards), you can follow ClassLink’s instructions for assigning the app to your users.