Single Sign On

Why implement Single Sign On?

Single Sign On (SSO) allows users in your district to access from your existing district portal. By connecting Quaver with your current Learning Management System (LMS), Student Information System (SIS), or other login system, your users will be able to use their established and familiar district login credentials to access without having to create a separate account. Less usernames and passwords for users to remember, less hassle!

How can my district implement SSO with Quaver?

Quaver currently supports SSO functionality via SAML/ADFS, LTI,¬†Clever, and Google. Your district IT department can work¬†with Quaver’s implementation team to get this functionality up and running in your district. Review our workflows for integrating with our supported SSO types and select the one that is best for your district.

To begin an SSO integration, please have your IT administrator contact Quaver at