Security Notice


We take security very seriously. Quaver safeguards all sensitive data the district shares with us, especially Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

  • We comply with FERPA, COPPA, and other federal and state laws protecting PII
  • All data is encrypted in place in a firewalled database
  • Files and information are transferred securely using https and sFTP
  • Our¬†servers and data storage devices are all located in the United States
  • We do not use PII to market to any individual, or disclose that data to any third party groups


All users on our site agree to Quaver’s¬†Privacy Policy. For districts that request data integrations, we require that a Data Sharing Agreement be in place. We will contact you to put this in place.

Types of PII Quaver Collects

Quaver collects limited personally-identifiable information to best accommodate teacher and student use of our resources. Depending on the product configuration required, the information gathered may vary.

Types of PII CollectedRequired?Furnished ByPurpose
Teacher username and passwordYesTeacherFor access to Quaver teacher content
Teacher name (first, last)YesTeacher or DistrictFor display in application
Teacher emailYesTeacher or DistrictFor Quaver to communicate when necessary
Teacher phoneYesTeacher or DistrictFor Quaver to communicate when necessary
Student username and passwordYes*Student or DistrictFor access to Quaver student content
Student name (first, last)OptionalDistrictFor display in application. Particularly to help teacher's identify students in Quaver GradeBook.
Student emailOptionalDistrictCan be used as unique value to identify inbound Single Sign On user. Can be listed with student account for password reset purposes.
Student IDOptionalDistrictCan be used as unique value to identify inbound Single Sign On user. Can be entered in Quaver GradeBook to help teachers identify students.

*These data types are required only if students are to have individual user accounts. This is not a requirement to use the program.