OneRoster Data Entry Guidelines

When to enter data in a field:

  • If a field is required, you MUST include a valid value for that field in each row. Sometimes this value is not used in our system, even though it is required in the OneRoster format.
  • If a field is recommended, it will be used within the Quaver program but is optional to include.
  • If a field is not required, it is not used within the Quaver program, nor required by the OneRoster spec. If you are creating these files from scratch, it may be easiest to leave these fields blank. Even if you do not enter data in non-required fields, you must still include that field’s header in the file. Enter the specified field header at the top of the column and leave that column’s fields blank in the remaining rows (a blank field in a .csv file looks like two consecutive commas: ,, ).
  • Quaver does not utilize any data contained in the orgs.csv, courses.csv, or demographics.csv data tables, but they are required by the OneRoster specification. You may either:
    • Submit these data tables with only the field headers row and no other data (preferred).
    • Submit the files with data, according to the specifications.
  • Quaver accepts bulk OneRoster sets only. We do not accept delta file sets at this time. Per OneRoster spec, please leave the status and dateLastModified fields blank in each file.

Formatting data in a field:

  • The first row of each .csv file must contain only and all of the specified field header names, listed left to right in the order specified. (Field header names are not case sensitive.)
  • If you need to list multiple values in a single field that can accommodate them, list the values separated by commas and enclose the entire set with double quotes. (for example ,“123456, 654321”,…)