About OneRoster

This method for integrating rostering data into Quaver requires that you submit a set of .csv (Comma Separated Value) files that comply with the IMS Global OneRoster (1.0 or 1.1) format. The OneRoster file set describes the relationships between schools, users, courses, academic sessions, classes, and enrollments. While the information requested by the OneRoster format exceeds Quaver’s needs, Quaver supports the OneRoster specification due to its widespread acceptance as a data interchange format. In a OneRoster CSV rostering integration with Quaver, OneRoster files will be delivered regularly via sFTP in order to ensure that all of the district’s rostering information remains up-to-date in Quaver’s system.

Quaver accepts both the OneRoster 1.0 and OneRoster 1.1 formats. If your district is producing a OneRoster export solely for Quaver, we suggest the 1.0 format as it is the simpler format to produce and provides all of the data Quaver needs to support a rostering integration.

With that in mind, the instructions presented on the following pages are intended to simplify the information provided by the IMS Global Learning Consortium in regards to producing the OneRoster 1.o format. You’ll notice that Quaver does not require many of the fields. You can also view IMS Global’s OneRoster specifications.

Remember that a rostering integration with Quaver requires that we also integrate with a Single Sign On (SSO) system used by your district.