About OneRoster

The IMS Global OneRoster v1.0 format is an industry standard for exchanging student, teacher, and class data. The OneRoster data set describes the relationships between schools, users, courses, academic sessions, classes, and enrollments. While the information delivered through the OneRoster format exceeds our needs, we support the OneRoster format due to its widespread acceptance for exchanging data.

OneRoster integration with Quaver requires that we also integrate with a Single Sign On (SSO) protocol used by your district. SSO has the additional benefit of making it simple for users to log into the Quaver website. Quaver currently supports SSO integration with SAML/ADFS, LTI, and Clever.* If you do not support one of these technologies, we can provide you with a custom login page that will allow your users to use a familiar district username and password to log into Quaver.

The instructions presented on the following pages are intended to simplify the information provided by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. You can also view IMS Global’s OneRoster specifications.


*Quaver also supports SSO using Sign in with Google, but we do not offer rostering implementations with Google SSO at this time.