How to Access the Student Roster Importer

You can access our Student Roster Importer directly through your Quaver Teacher Admin. Log into and open your Teacher Dashboard, then follow the instructions below.
1.On your Quaver Teacher Dashboard, click the Teacher Admin icon.Quaver Teacher Dashboard, Teacher Admin icon highlighted
2.On the Teacher Admin menu, click the Students icon.Quaver Teacher Admin menu, Students icon highlighted
3.On the Students screen, click the blue Bulk Import Students icon at the bottom.

Note: It doesn't matter which class is selected. You can click the Bulk Import students from any custom class to access the Student Roster Importer. The Student Roster Importer allows you to add students to multiple custom classes at once if you wish.
Students screen, Bulk Import Students button highlighted
4.On the Bulk Import Students pop-up, click OK.Bulk import popup, Ok button highlighted
5.A new tab will open in your browser with the Student Roster Importer. If this is your first time visiting the Student Roster Importer, you should land on the upload page. If you've used the tool before, you will land wherever you left off in your workflow.Quaver Student Importer upload screen


I don’t see the Bulk Import Students button on my Students screen. Where is it?

If you don’t see the Bulk Import Students button on your Students screen, it is likely that the class selected is a district roster-generated class. Unfortunately we don’t allow imports, or any manual edits, to district roster-generated classes. These classes are controlled by your district IT, and they are updated nightly. Since these classes are generated by a rostering integration with your district and updated nightly, all of your classes and students should already be enrolled! If you’re not seeing the correct student rosters in these classes, please contact your district IT for help.

I am an IT person trying to help music teachers. How can I access the Student Roster Importer?

If you’re an IT person interested in using the Student Roster Importer, contact and we’ll set you up with a special account to access the Student Roster Importer. This will do two things:

  1. It will allow you to access the Student Roster Importer without having a Quaver teacher account set up.
  2. It will allow you to import students to classes owned by any teachers in your district.

Please keep in mind that our Student Roster Importer is not a tool that facilitates rostering integrations. It simply allows for static bulk imports. If your district is interested in a rostering integration, we do offer rostering via OneRoster v1.0.