Uploading Your Student Import File to Quaver

NOTE: The new Quaver Student Roster Importer will be available to users on August 2, 2018. Until then, you can start preparing your file!

Welcome to the Student Roster Importer! When you have your Student Import file ready to go, you can use this tool to upload your file. We’ll check your file to make sure everything looks good. If we find any issues, we’ll let you know. Once everything looks ready to go, you can import your file and we’ll create your student accounts and enroll them in your Quaver classes!

Ready to get started?

1.Upload your Student Import file. You can either drag and drop it from your file browser, or click the DRAG FILE OR CLICK TO UPLOAD square to open your file browser and select the file.

Remember that your Student Import file must be a CSV. You can find help on how to save a CSV here.
Quaver Student Importer upload screen
2.Once you submit your file, it will automatically begin uploading. Upload time may vary depending on file size and internet speed, but it typically takes a few seconds or less.

Once your file is uploaded, validation will begin automatically. During validation we'll be checking your file to make sure the data looks okay. Depending on your file, this may take a few minutes, but you can leave the page and come back to it if you need to.
Student Importer, validating file screen
3.When validation is completed, we'll let you know if we found any issues and tell you how to correct them. If you don't have any errors or warnings listed, proceed to step 4.

If your file had errors, you will need to correct them in your spreadsheet editing software. Once you've corrected the errors in your file, click Restart to reset your workflow and upload the corrected file. Return to step 1.

If your file only had warnings, review the warnings and determine if you think you need to adjust your file. You may choose to click Restart, submit a corrected file, and return to step 1, or you may choose to proceed directly to import by clicking Import Students.
Student Importer, errors found in file screen
4.Once your file is approved and you click Import Students, we'll begin creating your student accounts and enrolling them in Quaver classes. Depending on the amount of students in your file, this may take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.Student Importer, file validated, no errors found screen
5.We'll let you know once your import is complete, and your import receipt will download automatically. Your import receipt will match the file you submitted. If you submitted a file without QuaverNames, the receipt will look just like the file you submitted, but it will include the QuaverName we created for each student. You can use this receipt as a reference sheet with your students QuaverNames and Passwords.

If you ever need to download an old receipt file, you can find all of your old imports by clicking Past Imports in the upper left corner.
Import completed screen



Why do you have to validate my file? What are you looking for?

We validate your file in an effort to help you! Imports are not reversible, so we want to make sure that everything you submit looks accurate (as far as we can tell) to ensure that your student accounts are created and enrolled exactly as you need them. Generally, we are checking to make sure your data is in the correct format – so that it will import correctly! The error and warning text displayed in the importer will describe the type of issue and tell you which rows in your file have that issue. Some of the things we are checking for are:

  • Do you have the proper column headers? This is crucial to make sure we are importing the data correctly!
  • Do you have all of the required data entered? If you’re not sure which columns are required, review our format specifications.
  • If you submitted QuaverNames for your students, are they all unique? Are they all available in our system? Every Quaver user must have a unique QuaverName, so we need to make sure the ones you’ve requested are unique both in your file, and in our system.
  • Do you have permission to edit the classes in your file? Teachers are only allowed to import students to classes that they created with their own Quaver account. Teachers cannot import students to district roster-generated classes, or classes owned by other teachers. IT persons are only allowed to import students to classes owned by teachers in their district. IT persons cannot import students to district roster-generated classes, or classes owned by teachers outside of their district.

When my file was validating or importing, it said something went wrong! What do I do?

Quaver Student Importer system error messageIf you got a message that said “Oops! Something went wrong..”, it sounds like you got a system error. We’re sorry about that! The good news is that our import team has already been notified of the error and we’re on it. You can click Restartto try again, or you can contact our import team directly at imports@QuaverMusic.com for more help.