Preparing Your Quaver Student Data

Teachers can work with their IT team to create a spreadsheet with students’ information. Upload that sheet to our Student Roster Importer and we’ll create all of the student accounts for you and enroll them in Quaver classes! Check out the format and requirements below.

Reminder! Our Student Roster Importer is only for creating NEW student accounts and enrolling them in Quaver classes. If your students already have Quaver accounts, you can simply enroll students in new classes using our Student Self-Enrollment method.

The Data Format

The table below describes the Student Import file format. There are eight columns, but you are only required to fill out the three blue columns. If you choose not to fill out a column, don’t delete the column itself. Leave the column in place with the header – just leave the fields below the header blank. You can download our Quaver New Student Import Example file for reference. When you’re ready to get started, download our Quaver New Student Import Template file to begin.


Column HeaderRequired?Format (character limits)Description
Student IDnostring (0-30)Student’s ID. This can be an identifier of your choosing. You may choose to leave this field blank.
First Namenostring (0-45)Student’s first name. This name will only be displayed in the teacher’s Quaver gradebook to allow for easy identification of the student. You may choose to leave this field blank.
Last Namenostring (0-45)Student’s last name. This name will only be displayed in the teacher’s Quaver gradebook to allow for easy identification of the student. You may choose to leave this field blank.
Emailyesstring (0-100)Student, parent, or teacher email address. This is required so that the student can retrieve a password if necessary.
QuaverNamenostring (6-20)Student’s username. This value must be unique system-wide in You can leave this field blank, and let us auto-generate unique usernames for your students.

The student will use this username to log into This username will be displayed on if a Display Name value is not provided. If values are not provided for the Display Name, First Name, or Last Name fields, this username will also be used to identify students in the teacher’s Quaver gradebook as well.
Display Namenostring (0-50)The name displayed on for that user. If you would prefer not to display the student’s username to other Quaver users, enter an alternate name to be displayed here. If the First Name and Last Name fields are left blank, this Display Name will also be used to identify students in the teacher’s Quaver gradebook. If this field is left blank, the student’s username will be displayed on
Passwordyesstring (6-20)Student’s password. The student will enter this password to log into While we don't encourage it for account security, you may give multiple students a common password.
Class Codeyesstring (5-6)The Class Code of the Quaver class in which the student should be enrolled. Class Codes are generated by Quaver when a class is created, and can be found in the Quaver teacher's Teacher Admin area.

Example file

When you fill out your Student Import file, it should look something like the spreadsheet below. You can also download our Quaver New Student Import Example file for reference.

Example student import spreadsheet, all columns completed

Remember that you are allowed to leave non-required columns blank. That might look something like this! If you leave the QuaverName column blank, we’ll generate the QuaverNames for you.

Student import example file, only required columns completed

The File Format

All Student Import Files must be submitted as a CSV, XLS, or XLSX file. If you choose to submit an XLS or XLSX file (from Microsoft Excel), please note that only the first sheet of the file will be read. You should be able to save your spreadsheet as a CSV-type file from any spreadsheet editing program, such as Microsoft Excel, Mac’s Numbers, or Google Sheets. You can view our help on how to save a CSV here.

Ready to Upload?

Ready to upload your Student Import file? See how to use our Student Roster Importer.



Why do I need to enter email addresses?

We require an email address because it can be a big help later on! For instance, it’s one of the ways for you (or your students) to be able to reset their password. Remember that you don’t need to list a student email address. You can list the email address of their parent, or a teacher email. A lot of teachers opt to enter their own email address for all of their student accounts so that they can help students with password resets. Don’t worry, we won’t spam your email! As a general rule, we don’t send any emails to student accounts. You’ll only get an email if you or your students request a password reset.

Why do I need to enter passwords?

Everyone needs to enter a QuaverName and password to log into Student passwords typically need to be something familiar to the student and/or something very easy to remember. We figure you know your students best! You can set their passwords to be something they know well, perhaps their student ID, or you can give all of your students one simple password so it’s easy for you to help them get in.

Why do I need to enter Class Codes?

Remember that our Student Roster Importer does two major things:

  1. It creates a student account for every student listed in your file.
  2. It enrolls each student account in the Quaver Class listed.

It’s part 2 that’s relevant here – Quaver Classes are identified by Class Code! Otherwise, we wouldn’t know which Quaver Class to enroll the student in. Of course this means you’ll need to create the classes in Quaver before you import your students. Review our class setup instructions here.

Why do QuaverNames need to be unique?

QuaverNames are the usernames of It’s the only way we can tell who is trying to log in! If multiple users had the same name, we wouldn’t know who is logging in or what account they are trying to access.

We know it can be tough sometimes to come up with unique usernames for all of your students that are still practical and easy to remember. From experience, we’ve seen that a good method can be adding a district prefix to the username. For example, if the student’s name is John Doe, and you want their QuaverName to be jdoe, that might already be taken. Say your district is called Quaver’s Marvelous World. You could try adding QMWto all of your students’ QuaverNames, so instead of jdoe, it would be QMWjdoe– that’s probably available!

Remember, you can submit your student import file without any QuaverNames, and we’ll generate them for you. Once your file is imported, we’ll provide a receipt with all of the QuaverNames we created.