Class Setup for Teachers

Teachers can follow the instructions below to set up their classes in Quaver. You can also download the Class Setup for Teachers PDF.

1.Log into (If you have a district Single Sign On portal, sign in through your district portal.)
2.If you are not on a flash-enabled device, skip to step 3!
If you are on a flash-enabled device, you will land at Quaver Street after login. Click the gold TEACHER tab on the bottom of the screen. (If you do not see the gold tab, then you will need to register the 6-digit access code you received via email. If you did not receive an access code for, please contact your supervisor.)
Quaver street screen, gold teacher tab highlighted
3.You will be directed to the Quaver Teacher Dashboard, a hub for all your teacher-only resources. Click the Teacher Admin icon at the top of the screen.Quaver Teacher Dashboard, Teacher Admin icon highlighted
4.From the Teacher Admin menu, click the Classes icon.Quaver teacher admin menu, Classes icon higlighted
5.This screen shows a list of classes you have created in Quaver (if you haven’t created any, it will look empty). Click + Add New Class at the bottom of the screen to add new classes. This pulls up the Class Details panel. If you have already created the classes you want to use, skip to step 7.Classes screen, Add New Class button higlighted
6.How you organize your Quaver classes is up to you. You can create classes that reflect each group of students as you see them in class, or separate students by grade, or any other way that makes sense to you. The advantage of the former is that you can track your students’ progress more easily with fewer students in each class.

On the Class Details panel, input the class’s information. You need to enter a class name, grade(s), the period, and the start and end date of the class. Make sure each Class Name is unique so you can identify one class from another. You can also choose to enter the class’s start time and end time and days of the week the class meets if you wish.

When you’ve entered the necessary information for a class, click Save. Then repeat the process for the next class.
Quaver class details panel
7.Once you’ve saved, the class will appear on your Classes screen. In the fourth column from the left, you will see the Class Code. A different Class Code will be shown for each class you create. This code is the key to enrolling students.*Class screen, highlighting the Class Code of the newly created class

*You will use these Class Codes to complete your Quaver Student Data Import File.