About the Quaver Student Data Import Process

Teachers and IT teams can work together to get students set up in Quaver with our Student Roster Importer. The IT department can export music student information (first name, last name, student ID, and email) into a spreadsheet that follows our format guidelines. Teachers can then create their Quaver classes and enter the corresponding Class Codes in that spreadsheet. When the spreadsheet is ready, you can upload it using our Student Roster Importer in order to create the student accounts and enroll them into Quaver classes. Remember: Because it is not updated on any kind of continuous basis, this method requires that teachers manually maintain their rosters by creating classes, deactivating old students, and enrolling new students.



If you plan to access Quaver using a Single Sign On method such as Clever, Google, Classlink, etc. we do not recommend that you use this import process to create your rosters. Please consider using our Student Self-Enrollment option instead.



Check out our Student Importer FAQs!