Student Dashboard Landing

If you are taken directly to your Student Dashboard upon logging into your Quaver account, it’s probably because you’re on a tablet or mobile device. Follow the instructions below to enter a Class Code from your Student Dashboard when on a tablet or mobile device.

1.On your Student Dashboard, click the green Join a Class button on the bottom right.Quaver Student Dashboard, "Join a Class" button highlighted
2.On the Join a Class form, enter the Class Code of the class you want to join and click the OK button. The Class Code should be provided by your music teacher.Join a Class form. QuaverCode entry field and OK button highlighted
3.You should see a "Success!" notification. This means that you've enrolled in the class. Click OK to get back to your Student Dashboard.Class enrollment Success notification






When I log into my Quaver student account, I see a different screen.

See something else? Tell us what you see when you log into your Quaver student account.

How do I get a Student Code?

You’ll need your teacher to provide you with a Student Code for Teachers – see where to get your Student Codes.