Student Code Entry – Social Profile

Follow the instructions below to enter your Student Code.

1.Log into If your school uses a Single Sign On platform, ensure that you access Quaver via your school or district portal.

Once you are logged in on the Quaver homepage, click your avatar to bring up your Social Profile.
Logged in at Quaver Street, avatar highlighted
2.On the Social Profile page, click on the MY ACCOUNT tab.User's Social Profile page, My Account tab highlighted
3.Under the My Account tab, click the ENTER QUAVERCODE button.My Account tab screen, Enter QuaverCode button highlighted
4.Enter your Quaver Access Code and click OK.QuaverCode entry form



When I log into my Quaver student account, I see a different screen.

See something else? Tell us what you see when you log into your Quaver student account.

How do I get a Student Code?

You’ll need your teacher to provide you with a Student Code for Teachers – see where to get your Student Codes.