Link Your Student Account to Your District Account

If you see a screen asking about a “pre-existing Quaver account” when you access, follow the instructions below.

The first time you access using your district’s access portal you will have the opportunity to continue using a pre-existing Quaver account if you have one. If you want to continue using a pre-existing account, make sure to click Yes and move on to step 3. Otherwise, click No and skip to Now what do you see? below.Page asking "have you ever visited before?" with Yes or No buttons
2.Enter your account information and click Submit. This will link your pre-existing Quaver account with your district account. You will only have to do this once!Page allowing user to enter existing Quaver account credentials

Now what do you see?

Click the image below that matches what you see.

I see my avatar on Quaver Street I see my Student Dashboard it's asking me to enter a quavercode









When I log into my Quaver student account, I see a different screen.

See something else? Tell us what you see when you log into your Quaver student account.

How do I get a Student Code?

You’ll need your teacher to provide you with a Student Code for Teachers – see where to get your Student Codes.