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To create a account, follow the instructions below.

1.Visit Click the Sign Up home page, Sign Up highlighted
2.Complete the Create Your Account form.

You'll be required to enter a QuaverCode to create your account. If you are entering a Teacher Resource Code, proceed to Step 3. If you are entering a Student Code or a Subscription Code, skip to step 4. Create an Account form
3.You may be asked to complete your registration. Enter your name, contact information, and school. Then click Submit! registration form, submit button highlighted
4.Boom-Chicka-Boom!! You will be now logged into your new Quaver Account!Quaver Street, logged in as test user



How do I get a QuaverCode?

Learn about QuaverCodes and how you can get one!

What if I already have a Quaver account?

Tell us what kind of Quaver user you are!