How to Grant Your Students Free Access to

If you have an active license to Quaver’s ClassPlay, Essentials, or Curriculum products, your students will be able to use Student Codes to access Depending on what teacher resources you own, your students’ QuaverCodes will be generated through different means. Learn how you can get your Student Codes below.

Teachers with Teacher Admin access

If you have access to the Teacher Admin panel, you can grant your students access to using Class Codes. You can simply create a class (or a bunch of classes!) in your Quaver Teacher Admin panel, and enroll your students in those classes. We have a number of methods for getting students set up and enrolled in Quaver classes.

Method 1: Student Self-Enrollment

You can set up your classes in Quaver and then have students enroll in those classes by entering a Class Code. View our Student Self-Enrollment instructions.

Method 2: Student Import

You can create a spreadsheet with student information and Class Codes from your Quaver classes, and we’ll create all of your student accounts and enroll them in those Quaver classes. View our Student Import instructions.

Other Methods

We also offer technical integrations that can allow us to recognize incoming students without the need for manual enrollment. Learn more about our systems integrations.


Teachers without Teacher Admin access

If your license does not grant you access to the Teacher Admin panel, you can recycle your own Teacher Resource Code to grant your students access to Once you’ve registered your Teacher Resource Code to your own Quaver account, it will be activated for student use. Have all of your students enter the same code to gain access to



Where can my students register a Student Code?

If your students are creating Quaver accounts for the first time, they can follow these instructions to create an account and register a Student Code.

If your students already have Quaver accounts, tell us what they see when they access their Quaver account, and we’ll tell you how to register their Student Code!

Does student access expire?

Yes. For security purposes, we expire student access every July 1. At that time, students will be asked to enter a Student Code again to regain access to Students can enter the same Student Code to regain access each year.

I’m a ClassPlay Starter user, how can my students access

ClassPlay Starter users do not get Student Code functionality at this time. If your students would like to access, they have the option of purchasing an annual subscription. Alternatively, you may upgrade to a full ClassPlay, Essentials, or Curriculum license to allow your students access.

My students entered their Student Code (my recycled Teacher Resource Code). They were able to reach Quaver Street, but they don’t have a Student tab. What’s wrong?

We actually have different types of student accounts. Students who are enrolled in a Quaver Class will see the Student tab, while students who are enrolled using an alternate enrollment method may not. You can read more about our account types on our Account F.A.Q.