Teacher Access via Teacher Resource Code

If you or your learning institution (school, district, etc.) has purchased licensed Quaver Teacher Resources, you’ll need to register these resources to your Quaver account. You can register your teacher resources to your Quaver account by entering a Teacher Resource Code. This code is typically delivered to you via email when your order is complete.

Ready to register your Teacher Resource Code?

New Users: If you are new to Quaver and have never created a QuaverMusic.com account, follow these instructions to create an account and register your Teacher Resource Code.

Returning Users: If you already have a Quaver account, follow these instructions to register your Teacher Resource Code to your existing account.



I have (or my school has) ordered Quaver teacher resources, but I don’t know my Teacher Resource Code.

Teacher Resource Codes are distributed when an order is processed. They are typically distributed via email. If you have not received your Teacher Resource Code, we recommend that you contact your school or district License Administrator. Otherwise, you may contact your Quaver Key Account Rep.

How can my students access QuaverMusic.com?

If you have an active license to Quaver’s ClassPlay, Essentials, or Curriculum products, your students will also be able to use a QuaverCode to access QuaverMusic.com. Depending on what teacher resources you own, your students’ QuaverCodes will be generated through different means. Learn how to generate student QuaverCodes.

Note: Teachers who only have access to ClassPlay Starter or a Quaver’s World subscription cannot generate Student Codes.