Student Access via Student Code

Welcome Quaver Student! In order to access all the learning and fun in Quaver’s World, you need to link your Quaver account to your music teacher with a Student Code. This code will be provided by your teacher, and you will only need to enter it one time each school year. Ask your music teacher for a code today, and follow the instructions below to enter it at!

Ready to register your Student Code?

New Users: If you are new to Quaver and have never created a account, follow these instructions to create an account and register your Student Code.

Returning Users: If you already have a Quaver account, tell us what you see when you access your Quaver account, and we’ll tell you how to register your Student Code!



How do I get my Student Code?

Student Codes are provided by your teacher! Ask your teacher for a Student Code.

I’m a Quaver Teacher. Where do I get my Student Codes?

If you have an active license to Quaver’s ClassPlay, Essentials, or Curriculum products, your students will also be able to use a QuaverCode to access Depending on what teacher resources you own, your students’ QuaverCodes will be generated through different means. Learn how to generate student QuaverCodes.

Note: Teachers who only have access to ClassPlay Starter or a Quaver’s World subscription cannot generate Student Codes.