About Supervisor Usage Reports

Supervisors can access Usage Reports directly from their Quaver Teacher Admin. These reports allow supervisors to view critical information, such as:

  • What content teachers are using
  • How much content teachers are using over time
  • When a teacher last logged in

Below we’ll tell you how to interact with and understand Quaver’s Supervisor Usage Reports.

Usage Report Inputs

At the top of your Usage Report, you’ll see a series of input fields. These fields allow you to request varying usage information. We’ll go through each input individually.

Usage Report input fields

Date Range

This field allows you to choose the date range for which you would like to see usage activity. Use the date picker to select a start and end date. The report will then only pull usage activity from within that date range.


This dropdown allows you to select whether you’d like to group usage by school or by user. If you’re grouping by school, the usage for all users (teachers only) at that school will be summed together in the report. If you group by user, each teacher’s usage will be reported individually, though they will still be listed by school.


This dropdown allows you to aggregate the usage activity data by certain intervals: daily, weekly, and monthly. Aggregating the data by intervals within the date range allows you to view usage over time. For instance, if you enter Jan 1 to Feb 1 as your date range, and then aggregate weekly, you would see the usage activity counts for each week in January.

Note: Our weeks run from Monday to Sunday. If you choose to aggregate by week and your date range does not start on Monday and/or end on Sunday, some of your aggregates will be partial intervals.


Usage Report Summary

Once you have selected your inputs, you can click the Submit button to return a Usage Report. An aggregate usage summary report will populate in the table below. The first column will always identify the school. If grouping by user, the second column will identify the user/teacher. The next column will report the Total Access for that school or user over the specified date range. All subsequent columns will report usage activity aggregated by your specified interval over the date range.

Example Usage Report Summary


You can search for specific schools or users by using the search bar at the top left of the report table. This makes it simple to zoom in on specific cases!

Layout Density

You can adjust the Layout Density of the report with the dropdown on the top right of the report table. This simply changes the row height so that you can make the report clear and easy to read.


Usage Report Details

To look at detailed usage for any school or user, simply click any usage number (greater than 0) on the Usage Report Summary. This will bring up our Detail Modal, which reports all of the specific content and resources used in that interval.

Usage Report summary report, hovering over count to pull up Detail Modal


On the left, you’ll see basic information about the user. In the Activity Details, you’ll see a list of all of the content and resources that user accessed during the specified date range.

Activity Details Modal on Usage Report


Note that if you are grouping by school and there are multiple users at that school, you will only be able to view the Activity Details for one user at a time. You can use the dropdown on the left to switch between the different users at that school. If you are grouping by user, you can use the dropdown on the left to switch to any other user in the report.



How do I get to the Supervisor Usage Reports?

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to access your Usage Reports.

I don’t see the Usage Reports icon on my Teacher Admin board. How do I get it?

You’ll need to be registered as a Supervisor in Quaver in order to get the Usage Reports icon to appear on your Teacher Admin board. If you need to be set up as a Supervisor, please contact our Customer Service team.

I don’t see some of the schools and/or users I’m expecting to see in my Usage Report. Why aren’t they there?

Your Usage Reports should include all schools and users that are registered to licenses on the order for which you are a registered Supervisor. If your Usage Report is missing schools and/or users, please contact our Customer Service team.

At the bottom of my Usage Report summary, it says “*The report date range does include the entire interval.” What does that mean?

Note about partial intervalsThis is a note to explain that some of the intervals in your report may be partial intervals. For instance, our weeks run from Monday to Sunday. If you choose to aggregate by week and your date range does not start on Monday and/or end on Sunday, some of your week aggregates will be partial intervals. If you choose to aggregate by month and your date range does not start on the first day of a month and end on the last day of a month, some of your month aggregates will be partial intervals.